Ontwerpstudio Nathalie Schellekens

" iconic concept, product and space design "



ONS (in Dutch: Ontwerpstudio Nathalie Schellekens )was founded in 2006 by Nathalie Schellekens,

after graduating the Design Academy in Eindhoven.


We create products and spaces with an iconic look and value.

Inspired by day-to-day life, common habits and recognizable (natural)shapes we design concept, products and spaces with no-nonsense, clear and common feel but with a surpisingly twist in use and details.

We aspire to create icons, timeless design with special attention to all the details.


For each project, first we create a concept design close to the client’s ambitions and aspirations, but taking their ideas a step further.

We advice in new concepts but also develop the designs and turn them into reality.

We believe in creating new ideas as a team: Working together with the client, with specialists and if desired (external) partners, is the essence of successful design.


We are proud that the past ten years have led to a project list containing designs for public spaces, appartement buildings and product collections for several clients and international brands.



ONS | Ontwerpstudio Nathalie Schellekens


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The Netherlands


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